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Optimal dimensions 3200 x 410px. User's avatar. Watch Livestream; View Work in Progress  tee: hobbit1_2 support id2 sym cipher interface · f367b4a7 ·'s avatar 创建在. 3 年之前. 浏览文件 ».

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previews, just full tracks. Try SoundCloud Go+. Yun Poley's avatar. Yun Poley DAMN GUD SHAWTY //PROD BY YUNG GUD //. Reposted by Yun Poley. Logga in om du vill se den här på din avatar.

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17,544 likes · 65,796 talking about this. Un espacio dedicado exclusivamente al universo de la Leyenda del Avatar, creada por fans y para fans donde podrás encontrar curiosidades, Chu Yunxiu (楚云秀) is an eSports player of Glory, who debuted in Season 4. She is the captain of Misty Rain. After Season 10, she became a member of the Chinese Glory Team.

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avatar. ゅω勇者募集中Yun.

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Kyoshi cares nothing for the game. Though he had his moments of insecurity, Yun embraced his Avatar status and worked hard to be the best Avatar he could be. Koulin (Avatar) Yun (Avatar) Hei-Ran (Avatar) Rangshi are Suki's moms; highschool fic; Intersex Kyoshi; Canonical Character Death; Summary. Rangi and Kyoshi were only 16 when they had Suki and they worked hard and without any support to survive and provide a good life for their only daughter.

One day, Zoryu planned on confessing his feelings during a Szeto festival, but Yun never came. At first it was just weird, but he supposed it was okay. Yun is confident, charismatic, a skilled diplomat, and messy.
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She is the captain of Misty Rain. After Season 10, she became a member of the Chinese Glory Team. Chu Yunxiu likes to watch different kinds of dramas, as well as gossip about random things. Like Ye Xiu, she also tends to smoke a lot.1 Unfortunately, when she is put under pressure, her performance drops.2 In those La Quinta Nación.

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Korean Acquisition and Cataloging. (310) 825-9535. orange@library.ucla . After years of searching for the next Avatar, the four nations have found peace with Avatar Yun - until Kyoshi, Yun's friend and servant, demonstrates remarkable   See a recent post on Tumblr from @visit-ba-sing-se about avatar yun. Discover more posts about avatar yun. Sep 1, 2020 kyoshi and her team avatar (+ yun!) details and head canons under the cut [[ MORE]] kyoshi: she was pretty easy since there's already a lot of  Oct 13, 2020 The “Avatar: The Last Airbender” universe has always felt bigger than Kyoshi is a mere servant at the estate of Avatar Yun, an earthbending  Can local avatars satisfy a global audience?

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Well in my opinion, from what we saw in season 2 I believe Korra lost her own connection to the past Avatars thus restarting the Avatar Cycle, so I guess Yun would be the "second" Avatar of this new cycle, meaning he only has contact with Korra By the way thanks for the kind comment lol Kyoshi/Yun (Avatar) Kyoshi (Avatar) Yun (Avatar) Romantic Fluff; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Surprise Kissing; rangshi is nonexistent here; Love Confessions; Summary. A moment had passed from their shared affection and Kyoshi finally deposited her leman onto the floor, arms never leaving his dorsum as she pecked a final kiss upon the 82 votes, 20 comments. Kelsang mentioned that Yun was misidentified as the Avatar because he used Kuruk's exact strategy and tile placement in Pai … 2020-06-07 This took forever but I finally finished the “Avatar” Yun trio!!! I tried a bit of a new technique with this piece and I’m super happy with the result if not a bit exhausted 😅 2020-06-14 Yun was not the Avatar, and shortly after discovering the truth Yun seemingly died, sacrificed as a tribute to the evil spirit Father Glowworm. That was not the end for Yun, however.

After the revelation of Kyoshi's identity as the true Avatar, Yun was … Yun is the central antagonist of the Avatar: Kyoshi series.